Sunday, March 16, 2008

Omniture Summit 08 Coverage

It was my first Omniture Summit, and was an amazing experience. It's always a great pleasure to see, hear from the industry experts. It is great to meet folks whose blog you read, listen to Seth Godin! and also Lance Armstrong. 

Although i admit i could not meet all of them i wanted to! but it was great networking at Omniture Summit 08. I tried covering the summit live but with so much less time and so many things to do! i had to wait to come back to India ( after a long 28 hr flight) to write about my experience and share some of the important session learning from Omniture Summit. 

Here's the Series of Posts i've written on Omniture Summit 08. 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Web Analytics Blog Updates Feb 08

Here are the updates so far for the month of Feburary

Confused on deciding on if a metric qualifies as Key performance indicator for your business.

June Dershewitz presentation on Web analytics Career Management. 

Google Recently announced the release of Urchin Software in beta. 

Accenture recently acquired Maxamine and Memetrics 

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Web analytics Basics revisited

It was a while ago that i wrote about the importance of web analytics basics knowledge and how it forms the foundation for a web analyst. I also started with series of posts labelled Web Analytics Back to basics.

This was thanks to a great discussion on the Web Analytics forum about What makes a great web analyst or the traits one look for. 

The Web Analytics back to basic series will now be continued (thanks that now i have couple of folks to help me) on the Web Analytics India blog. So here are the topics to be covered! 

We would love if any of you would like to contribute with any of the topic below, I would be more than happy to publish it on both blogs with full credits. Drop in a mail and we can disucss.  

Topics to be covered. 

1) Terminology
2) Methods of tracking
3) Creation of KPIs
4) Implementation
5) Conversion analysis
6) Referrer Analysis
7) Path Analysis / Drop off/Fall out Analysis 
8) Multivariate Testing
9) A/B Tests
9) Communicating Results

Other related topics
1) Usability Testing
2) Familiarity with Analytics tools

As Always 
Comments, Suggestions feedback! welcome :)

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Web analytics India Blog Updates

Happy new year! to the readers of this blog! here's wishing a great new year ahead to all the readers! 

The first post in this new year! Here are few updates and latest from Web Analytics India Blog. 

A list of Popular Blog post compiled by Alex Cohen and Dennis R Mortensen. 

Omniture in India sponsors one of the biggest event to start year 2008

Continuing from Bangalore WAW, here's the next WAW Event in India

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Web Analytics Wednesday WAW Bangalore

Web Analytics Wednesday is all set to happen in Bangalore, a great event for web analysts to network and share their knowledge and experience.
Read more about event and registration process

Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) Bangalore

And also there's a Web Analytics webinar you might be interested in.
Web Analytics Webinar Event: Best practices from Leading Financial Institution

Keep Track of Web Analytics Events, Web Analytics Events in India and Web Analytics Webcasts/webinars

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Launching - Web Analytics India Blog

I am glad to announce the launch of a site dedicated for web analysts in India and around the world.

Web Analytics India - The Knowledge Sharing Platform for Web Analysts

This site aims (via blog) at being a platform for web analysts in India and around the world and also getting latest web analytics industry information. The site also aims at getting latest information on web analytics industry in india, web analytics india events information to its readers.

You can contribute to web analytics india by being a author yourself, so if you are willing to contribute you can contact the Editor for more information.

Thanks to few of folks from web analytics fraternity in india who helped me with feedback and suggestions! and made this site possible.

Thank you Naveen, Ravi Pathak and Girish. You guys rock!

This ofcourse would have not happened without the help of web analytics association support and also the WA yahoo forum members! Thanks to all of them.

and a "HUGE THANKS" to the readers of my blog without whom i would have not been able to come up with such a idea! a big thank you :)

I would "love your feedbacks" , so please go thru the site and if there is anything iam missing, or you think should be included! give me a shout! and i'll ensure it's up there..

and dont forget to Subscribe to Web Analytics India :-)
oh yeah! i'll keep blogging here

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Web Mining Seminar - Yahoo R&D Bangalore

I've been crazily busy! for past couple of weeks, but this is something which i had post for the benefit of the readers. I have couple of things due, one is to share the experience of "Web Analytics Collective" which happened at Indian Institue of Business - Bangalore which was amazing and also the latest on my new project! :-) .

However there's a Seminar happening hosted by Yahoo! India Research & Development Team Bangalore. Here are the details and register link.

Leave me a note below if you plan to attend:)

In this ocean of hyperlinked data there is explicit and implicit information and knowledge. Web Mining is the task of analyzing this data and extracting information and knowledge for many different purposes. We walk through this process and give specific examples.

Yahoo! India Research & Development invites you to the Big Thinkers India
, where Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Vice President at Yahoo! Research for Europe and Latin America will share his insights and experience on ‘Web Mining: The Wisdom of the Crowds’. Ricardo is the co-author of Modern Information Retrieval (Addison-Wesley, 1999) among other books and publications. He is also a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), American Mathematical Society (AMS), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
(SIAM), and senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Register HERE

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